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Today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and remembers his profoundly insightful words. Where do we go from here: Chaos or community? -MLK

After many years of building our dream program for our organization, I saw a quote that embodies ourpassion for what we’re doing. It also happens to be the title of Dr. MLK’s final book, so on this day, we want to share it with our friend and supporters.

The words are as meaningful and relevant today as they were in 1967 because they represent a stark choice. It’s a provocative question with (I hope) an obvious answer. Let’s choose community, and let’s go build it together. -Scott Heiferman Co-founder, CEO of Meetup

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August 2013
For Immediate Release
Founder & Chair Passes

Las Vegas, Nevada – It is with deepest sorrow and regret that we must announce the passing - Wednesday. August 21, 2012 - of Mrs. Bettye Wms Hunt founder and Chairperson of the I.P. Hunt Foundation .

Mrs. Hunt is the widow of Mr. I.P. Hunt and established the Foundation in honor of her late husband's legacy and service as a Mississippi educator.

Mrs. Hunt and her family established the I.P. Hunt Foundation ("IPHF") over 35 years ago in Jackson Hinds County Mississippi to help build a better life for disadvantaged and underprivileged low-income communities.

Her record of service to the community was quite extensive. She was also a co-founder of the Central Mississippi Chapter of 100 Black Women, a Hinds County Election Commissioner, National PTA Officer, Assistant Manager-JSU bookstore, Elementary School Teacher, Packard Electric-Assembler and Representative to the Democratic National Convention, Women for Progress, just give some idea of the range of her life experiences. Bettye Hunt was not only a pioneer for Women and community activist but her life and acheivements are an inspiration to us all.

Commemorative and memorial services are scheduled for 11:am - September 7, 2013 at:

  • Central Methodist Church
  • 500 North Farish Street
  • Jackson, Mississippi 39202
  • (601) 355-7858

The I.P. Hunt Foundation will continue to assist and serve disadvantaged and underprivileged individuals in her honor and memory.

Therefore, for those who would prefer not to send flowers, as an alternative, the family would be pleased if you could make a contribution to a special fund established in her name entitled the - Bettye Wms-Hunt Compassion Hearts Fund - to carry on her legacy of service to the community.

Click on the Donate Now! button below to go to our donations page and contribute via PayPal or obtain the address to mail you donation.
We also invite you to visit our websites at iphuntfoundation.org - americanemployees.com and americanemployeesassociation.com to learn more about IPHF plans, programs, projects and visions to assist low-income communities,
Our sincere condolences and deepest sympathies go out the friends, family. We shall all miss her dearly!
Thank you for your love and support. May God Have Mercy On Us All!
August 2008
For Immediate Release
Bank of the West Continues Support for Financial Education
Grant Helps Women & Minority-Owned Small Businesses

Las Vegas, Nevada – Bank of the West continues its commitment to the cause of Women and Minority-Owned Busnesses financial literacy and benefits education by generously contributing an operating grant to our education project to assist independent small businesses and their workers.

This project is designed to promote, educate and inform small business owners in the community of health and benefits service avaiable to themselves and their workers. American Employees Association (AEA), an I.P. Hunt subsidiary, administrates and operates its employees' beneficiary programs for Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber and Laundry personal service employees in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Director Irvin Hunt has declared that "We intend to continue to explore and discover innovative ways to help solve the economic circumstances of independent small business operators which enhances the well-being of the entire society. This "socially-conscious" program is one of the nation's only known affordable community-based Health and Welfare Programs designed specifically to serve uninsured Personal Service workers in the Western region."

For more information regarding our benefits education and services project, you can e-mail us at: aeabenefits@yahoo.com or visit American Employees Association on-line at www.americanemployees.com.

I.P. Hunt Foundation's on-line address is www.iphuntfoundation.org.
©2008 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

. .... .. November 25, 2007.. ...
For Immediate Release
...Wal-Mart Joins
Financial Education Effort...
Support Boost Self-reliance Program.. .

Las Vegas, Nevada – The local Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs Community Involvement Coordinators have demonstrated true commitment to furthering the cause of financial literacy and benefits education in the community by generously supporting the I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) and American Employees Association (AEA) education programs for small employers and their employees.

This IPHF education project was established especially to promote self-reliance and independence among small businesses and low-income workers through education seminars and workshops sponsored by corporate and private partnerships.

Wal-Mart's support will help meet operating expenses for this much needed program and beyond doubt reflects the spirit of the next generation of community programs designed to promote self-sufficiency through knowledge, information and education.

Director Irvin D. Hunt declares that "Wal-Mart's actions of support, direct assistance and financial encouragement coincides exactly with our slogan “In the Shelter of Each Other the Community Lives!!”.

The health of small businesses and the well-being of working "poor" families directly affects the entire society. As we move into another period of economic uncertainty, this contribution represents one more cornerstone and a short-step towards resolving financial dilemmas for local independent small businesses.

For more information on IPHF programs and projects, www.iphuntfoundation.org is the I.P. Hunt Foundation's on-line address and www.americanemployees.com is the on-line address for the American Employees Association.
©2007 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

August 31, 2007... .
For Immediate Release . . .
Bank of the West ...
Awards Support for Financial Education
Grant Helps Small Businesses & Low-Income Working Families.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Bank of the West has demonstrated their true commitment to furthering the cause of financial literacy and benefits education in the community by liberally donating to the IPHF education project to assist independent small businesses and low-income workers.

This financial education project is designed to access and evaluate the specific educational and informational needs of small business operators and their low-to-moderate income workers. This grant will help cover operating expenses and support development of this much needed program.

"We all agree that the health and wellness of small businesses and low-income workers has a direct affect on the well-being of the entire community-at-large, we just need to figure our how to help resolve the critical economic needs of this very productive population" said project director Irvin Hunt.

"This considerate donation by BoW will help maintain and move our organization forward, while we research, define and better understand the educational needs of small business operators and low-income working families" continues Hunt.

I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) is non-profit community development foundation that researchs and develops education strategies to improve and build a better community for underpriveleged and disadvantaged individuals.

IPHF was originally founded in Mississippi 30 years ago and now operates community development and improvement programs in the entire western region. American Employees Association (AEA) is a subsidiary of I.P. Hunt and administrates and operates its employee beneficiary programs and projects. AEA owns and operates one of the nation's only known community-based Health and Welfare Plans established in California, Arizona and Nevada specificially for Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber and Laundry personal service employees.

I.P. Hunt Foundation's on-line address is www.iphuntfoundation.org and American Employees Association's on-line address is www.americanemployees.com.

©2007 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

July 2007... .
Mississippi Center for Nonprofits
Donates Membership

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Mississippi Center For Nonprofits has further shown its dedication to assisting nonprofits organizations in the community by making an "in-kind" membership donation to our organization.

This membership grant will help provide access to significant discounts to products and education service which constitute valuable support for our community development program and efforts.

We at IPHF would like to send out a special thanks to the Center for its encouraging assistance and direct support for nonprofit service group.

I.P. Hunt Foundation is listed with the MCN under the following link and on-line address www.iphuntfoundation.org

©2007 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

June 2007
For Immediate Release
Hurricane Flood Prevention Seawall Project
NEW Ecological Barrier and Conservancy Program for Mississippi Gulf Coast

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Currently we have an opportunity to "win" much needed funding support for our seawall and eco-barrier system through the American Express® "Members Project" but we also need your help to do so.

The Amex program operates as follows:

If you or your members are an American Express® cardholder, here's a wonderful opportunity to support an "inspiring idea" that could have a positive impact on Mississippi and the world around us.

From May 15 through August 7, 2007, American Express® is sponsoring a special Members Project where cardholders who register will have a chance to nominate, rate and vote for the Global Impact member charity project they believe deserves the spotlight.

Just for registering, American Express® will donate $1 for every CardMember who registers, and the winning idea will receive up to $5 million to help bring the project to life.

We have submitted the Hurricane Flood Prevention Seawall Project under the Community Development section of this program.

I.P. HUNT FOUNDATION (IPHF) and its consultants have been developing this seawall protection system since seeing the flooding and destruction from hurricane Katrina. This seawall ecological barrier we are proposing for Gilfport and/or Waveland will protect life and property in these coastal communities including endangered plant and animal species in the area by preventing inland flooding and damage to vital infrastructure systems. In addition, it will serve as a park and public recreation area as well as create much needed jobs to enhance local economic growth.

IPHF is seeking help from other environmental conservations groups and organizations such as the Nature Conservancy through the pooling together of resources and supporter base. By alerting their members and supporters to support our conservancy effort, we believe we can demonstrate wide-spread support for our project to American Express®.

Those supporters who are American Express® card members are asked to register on-line at the Members Project site (http://www.membersproject.com/home.action), review our Hurricane Flood Prevention Seawall Project under the Community Development section and, ideally, give it a 5-star rating so that the American Express® Advisory Panel will note the high interest in this project.

If our project makes it to the top 50, then they should be asked to return on-line after July 3rd (http://www.membersproject.com/) and cast their votes for us to receive this much-needed funding. By working together, we believe we can begin to build a very important and long-lasting effort to protect and preserve our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Click here to view proposed site location for coastal conservancy seawall project and click here to view sample seawall and jetty structures currently in use in the West Coast.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to your much needed support. ...

For more information: contact Irvin D. Hunt, Director, c/o.I.P. HUNT FOUNDATION, 6655 West Sahara, Suite B-200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 or call 877.711-7751 * 702.262-970.

March 2007
For Immediate Release
..Conference Held to Protect & Reconstruct
Mississippi Gulf Coast ...

Las Vegas, Nevada - IPHF convened its first Mississippi Gulf Coast re-development conference this weekend at the Acacia Spring Hotel in Las Vegas.

The purpose of this conference was to discuss proposed ways and means to protect loss of life and property as well as future development on the Mississippi Gulf coast.

With over 84 billion dollars in damages caused by hurricane Katrina and an estimated 20-30 billion dollars in property loss along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we at IPHF believe this project is absolutely essential to reducing future losses of valuable water, road, sewer and electrical infrastructures systems which take years to rebuild, re-establish and return to normal. A permanent ecological seawall defense system is crucial to protecting life and mitigating future property damage in other yet to come natural disasters.

The conference featured guest speaker and Civil Engineer Lester "Les" Fultz, formerly with the US Corp of Engineers who spoke candidly and extensively on his proposed RipRap Seawall design concept. Fultz has successfully employed this system to reduce wind driven inland water surge on the Oregon pacific coast and has offered this concept as a solution for the hurricane proned Mississippi sound.

Fultz joins the IPHF Gulf Coast re-development effort as Project Director following hurricane Katrina based on his 30+ years of experience in flood control, dam and coastal sea walls design and construction. The project is also supported by Architect and Developer James A. Snedden and landscape professional, Judy Fleischman as well as other design researchers who have joined the effort to develop eco-dynamic bio-diverse solutions for Waveland and the Mississippi Gulf Coast communities.

Click here to view Mississippi Gulf Coast site map and click here to view sea wall structures on Oregon Coast. Click here to view our video of sea walls and jetty structures currently in use on the Pacific coast in Southern California. [Produced by Larry Ayers,Deliquent Synaps Productions.]

For more information regarding IPHF Mississipi Gulf Coast community redevelopment and coastal seawall environment protection effort, please contact Irvin D. Hunt, Director, IPHF Community Development National Trust, director@ iphuntfoundation.org. 877.711.7751.

Photo: Participants discussing the Fultz design proposal are (from left) James Snedden, Architect and Project Manager; Les Fultz, P.E. and Project Director; and Judy Fleischman, Landscape Designer and Consultant.

February 2007
For Immediate Release
Community Org Seeks to Protect Life & Property on
Mississippi Gulf Coast ...

Las Vegas, Nevada - As part of its charter as a community improvement organization, I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) has been consulting with community academics, professional engineers and architectural designers to develop a strategy to solve the problem of inland flooding and destruction during extremely volatile coastal hurricanes.

Concerned professionals from the community began to approach IPHF, as a native Mississippi organization, to propose and formulate viable solutions for this problem following hurricane Katrina. The focus of the research is to find solutions to mitigate flood damage which along with wind was one of the main causes of destruction on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

This water flow problem has also been identified as a potential continual source of future destruction in this area as well as other parts of the country vulnerable to flooding, according to civil engineer Lester "Les" Fultz and other researchers of this project.

The long-range objective of the project is not only to protect life and property but also to establish a stable environment that will enhance future economic development in the entire area.

The research team is now guided by Civil Engineer Lester E. Fultz, P.E., Architect James A. Snedden, who together bring a total of over seventy (70) years of professional engineering and architectural design experience. They are supported by various other researchers and managerial professionals who have joined our effort to research and develop unique and diverse eco-dynamic systems and solutions suited for this coastal area.

Click here to view sample sea wall structures currently being utilized in Oregon coast in the Western United States.

For more information regarding this environmental protection effort, please feel free to contact us at the IPHF Community Development National Trust 877.711.7751.

October 2004
For Immediate Release
- A Tax Relief Strategy - .. .....>

The I.P. HUNT FOUNDATION, INC. (“IPHF”), a nonprofit community development and education organization, is proud to announce that it has founded and developed through its subsidiary the AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (“AEA”) a direct and distinct method and means to provide affordable benefits for uninsured and underinsured small employers, their workers and families.

AEA is not insurance, health care or benefits negotiation group but rather a nonprofit community-based Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA).  AEA was created specifically to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Employees Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA") of 1974 and provide affordable benefits for disadvantaged uninsured workers of independent small employers in underserved employment industries such as Service, Agriculture, Construction, etc.    

The purpose of AEA is to improve, enhance and promote better relations between employers and employees through association based employee health and welfare benefit as well as education and information plans and programs.

The AEA mission is solely to aid and assist underprivileged workers and small employers with less than 50 workers through affordable group health and welfare benefit plans and programs. AEA plans augment and supplement private employer and State compensation systems by providing basic or supplemental disability, emergency medical and death benefits. This coverage serves as an economic safety net to protect disadvantaged small Employers and their Employees who have little or no health insurance or medical coverage.

More importantly, through our organizations, this program can be subsidized by local taxpayer dollars, but unlike the politician proposed national plans, the benefits are conferred directly to members of the local working community. Fundamental coverage underwritten through small businesses, corporate, personal and/or employee contributions guarantee some type of financial safety net system for small businesses and workers during periods of medical or physical disability.

This basic technique benefits unprotected workers, their families and small employers by improving the overall economic stability of low-income working communities. Although not new, this is one solution that has to be considered and developed against this urgent health and wellness crisis’ that concerns the community at large and deeply affects us all.


Presently, there is more than sufficient amount of revenue that flows out of the local community through tax payer dollars that, with a modest portion diverted into community improvement organizations such as IPHF, can help underwrite health and welfare plans and programs for low-income working families. For instance, if local taxpayers contributed 50% of their annual tax bill to assist programs for uninsured workers, this support would translate into be a major step toward solving the uninsured working community problem. These contributions could, in some cases, result in up to a dollar-for-dollar deduction or at least, reduce Supporters tax liabilities significantly depending upon each benefactor’s (individual or corporation) net income and write-off situation.

There is an ancient Celtic expression that says, “It’s in the shelter of each other that the People live!!” which describes our position exactly. Why should we try this system? It is very simple because under our plan each community immediately benefits from 100% of their tax dollars vs. (a per capita deficit or) the diminished rate that returns to the community through the current revenue sharing system. Under our plan, small employers and private supporters participate and get to see their tax dollars benefit the productive working families in their community who truly deserve assistance. These projects offer effective options for businesses, individuals and corporations genuinely interested in building a better future in their local community for themselves and their families.

In conclusion, the choice is simple. We can continue to pay taxes to fund an ineffective health care bureaucracy that does not meet the needs of our local community; or we can find ways to support organizations such as IPHF and witness your tax dollars improve conditions in the community from which they were generated. Is there really any question as to the preferable alternative?

Contact: Irvin D. Hunt, Director
6655 West Sahara, Suite B-200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
* * * * * * *
877.711-7751 . .* .. 702.262-9701
























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