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I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc. (IPHF), is a 37 years ago community development and education entity founded in Jackson Hinds County, Mississippi with headquarters now in Las Vegas Nevada.

IPHF was created and established by Mrs. Bettye Wms-Hunt and the Hunt Family in honor of Mr. I.P. Hunt, a devoted Mississippi Industrial Arts educator. Its mission is to research and develop programs and projects to serve the needs of the underprivileged and disadvantaged individuals.

IPHF operates several essential programs and projects to fulfill its community improvement mission. These programs consist of medical emergency and benefits protection plans and education programs for low-income "poor" working families employed with independent small businesses as well as a Gulf Coast Coastal Seawall Environmental Conservancy Project.

Today, there are approximately 25 million small businesses in America and approximately 50% are owned by women. According to the Small Business Administration, businesses with fewer than 500 employees accounted for 99.7 percent of all US businesses, 50.1 percent of all private sector employees, and 51 percent of the GNP was produced by these firms. Small businesses may not be large in size but these owners and their businesses play a powerful economic role in the local community.

There are an estimated 45 million Americans with no health or medical coverage, approximately, 18-20 million of these Americans are uninsured workers with families who, despite their hard work, are living at or below the poverty level and face financial terror should they be physically disable and unable to work.

Many workers make sacrifices on a daily basis just to meet their basic needs and live continuously under the terror of becoming sick or medically disabled. This directly affects the overall health and wellness of the entire community.

To that end, IPHF established the American Employees Association ("AEA"), a nonprofit registered and federally approved Employees' services group and Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA) specifically to provide health and welfare as well as information and education plans and programs for underserved small employers and low-income employees.

Our innovative approach is a medical emergency financial safety-net system that serves the economic interests of independent small businesses and their employees and in turn, the health and well being of the general community.

Along with its medical emergency protection programs, AEA offers an employment job bank as well as financial education and information services for small employers and low-income working families. These services, plans and programs are intended to inform, educate as well as provide disadvantaged small employers and their employees economic protection during from economic disasters.

AEA health benefit plans and programs are designed to help guarantee crucial basic benefits for disadvantaged working families during periods of sickness or medical disability. And especially, independent small employers with little or no health or medical coverage who along with their workers suffer dramatically under employment disability situations.

These situations are particularly dramatic in disaster impacted areas such as the Mississippi Gulf Coast and other high tourism-driven employment communities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc..
We at IPHF along with other concerned professionals have been researching development of a ecological protection system for the Mississippi Gulf Coast under the project title Save Our Coastline * Save Our Cities - Fultz Memorial Seawall Project.

Our Save Our Coastline-Fultz Seawall Project (SOC-FSP) is our environmental protection and conservancy initiatives created to meet the emergency and long-term coastal protection needs of the Mississippi and Gulf Coast area.

This project was named posthumously in honor of Project Director and Civil Engineer, Lester A. Fultz, P.E. formerly with the US Corp of Engineers to help protect the physical infrastructure and fragile ecological environments on the Gulf Coast.

Mr. Fultz joined the IPHF Gulf Coast re-development effort as Project Director following hurricane Katrina based on his 30+ years of experience in flood control, dam and coastal sea walls design and construction of eco-dynamic bio-diverse solutions for coastal communities in Oregon and the Pacific Coast. Click here to view video of Seawalls and Jettys and Also, photos of coastal seawall structures.

The mission of this project is to develop a coastal seawall protection system based on the original design of our Engineer Fultz. See our SOC press page. Discussions are also being ocnducted with other local environmental coastal conservancy and education groups in this area to assist development of our eco-barrier system Gulf Coast communities.
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