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Volunteer Relations
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Volunteers will help the Program Director and Media Relations Specialists complete the following tasks under the supervision of the Director:
  • Press Releases
  • Media Alerts
  • Q&A Documents
  • Bios
  • Facts Sheets
  • Backgrounds

Volunteers will work with the Program Director and Media Relations Specialists to coordinate all media events to ensure that all press interviews are conducted with approved IPHF spokespeople.

Our objectives are to:
  • Thoroughly understand the goal and purpose of media requests before granting interviews
  • Prepare strategic answers in anticipation of unfavorable questions
  • Pitch story ideas for future news coverage
  • Intervene if interviews become tense and/or off target
  • Confirm with media organizations that they have correct releasedinformation .
  • Press Events Participate in the development of all press events.
  • Developing press materials for the approval of the Director
  • Identifying employers, workers, and families for media interviews
  • Obtain consent forms signed and filed
  • Confirm all logistical requirements

It is preferred that the ideal Volunteer will be available to assist the Program Director with media relations at least three (3) days a week or dedicate at least 10 hours per week.

Volunteers must be, in good physical and mental health, have no criminal record, and with a serious commitment to building a better community. Prospective volunteers should complete an application form, pass a background check, and attend an in-person interview to determine and confirm a service schedule as well as additional training classes. Resumes are currently being accepted and positions will remain open until filled.
Please e-mail resumes to director@iphuntfoundation.org or Fax resumes to 702.222.1644. Fax Subject Line or Cover Sheet should state: IPHF VOLUNTEER RELATIONS.

Click here to download an IPHF Volunteer employment application or contact: Irvin D. Hunt (702) 262-970.* (877) 711-7751

Reply to: director@iphuntfoundation.org.






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