"Building A Better Community"

Volunteer With the IP Hunt Foundation

The I.P. Hunt Foundation is always looking for dedicated volunteers to assist with our community development and education and outreach efforts.

If you are interested in donating your time to join in our campaign to "Build A Better Community", download the Volunteer Application Form below and contact our Director at 702.262-9701 or via email us at director@iphuntfoundation.org for upcoming opportunities.

Thank you for your compassion, time and generous support!
Experience hands-on nonprofit community development experience working in the middle of some of the most exciting, important and leading-edge social and technical application issues.
  • Gain increased and valuable knowledge of the Internet, electronic commerce, politics, communications technology, hot legal issues, NGO operations, and more.
  • Take on résumé-building responsibilities including: public relations, fundraising, event planning, press and industry interviews, speaking engagements, policy analysis & legal support work in the newest areas the law has to offer, technical and market proofs-of-concepts, and many others.
  • Develop insight into understanding the public and worker health, underserved community needs, environmental concerns, and other issues facing society as we enter a new economic and political era.
  • Gain experience with project coordination and execution, creative and advanced development of new ideas and technology, and the trust and confidence that comes from succeeding in a fast-paced environment of self-starter experts and experts-in-the-making.
  • Get exposure to VIPs on all sides of the issues, unique opportunities unavailable in the commercial sector, and association with one of the most innovative organizational concepts in the online world.
  • Be treated with mutual respect and get to work on projects that really make a difference, in a friendly atmosphere of teamwork.

General Intern Requirements

IPHF does not general offer paid internships, and cannot provide stipends (except for specific things, like travel to an IPHF event where you are specifically asked to assist.)

Interns (and volunteers) work closely with IPHF staff and volunteers to execute, public relations, legal, educational, technical and research programs on IPHF-sponsored projects, legislative and policy issues, and in coordinated efforts with other organizations. Responsibilities may include: preparing and distributing press releases, conducting research, pitching media ideas with the press, speaking with existing and potential IPHF sponsors, developing and writing grants and media materials, and fielding incoming media and interested parties requests as appropriate, among many others that vary with the position.

Basic requirements include: Strong writing and oral communication skills, in addition to advanced use of personal computer tools (word processors, spreadsheets, database tools, e-mail, and web browsers; Dedication and willingness to work hard. Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines. Better-than-average knowledge of your field, with at least a working understanding of the community development issues IPHF is devoted to. Preferred fields of interest: Public Health and Human Services, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Communications, Law or Pre-Law, English, Computer Science, Information Systems, Political Science and/or Business.

Please inquire by sending a brief email message to director@iphuntfoundation.org. Include information about your college major, interests, experience and skills (résumés OK), and state the time frame in which you would be available, as well as whether you are located in the Las Vegas Area (or would be able to come here). While "virtual" (long-distance) internships and volunteer work are possibilities, we would prefer at this time interns in the city where our office is located to work directly with our staff on time-sensitive matters.

Click here to download a Volunteer-Internship Employment Application pdf form or contact: Irvin D. Hunt, Administrator at (702)222-4077 * (877)863-6756.

Finally, we also invite you to join our Employment Resource Center absolutely “free”! Click here to go to our website and become an instant member “at no charge” to post your resume and enhance your employment opportunities. Then, choose and enter a user name and password.

Should you have questions or need more information, please contact us at our telephone number listed above.















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